Friday, 25 February 2011

What I'm Lovin': Top Knots

They've always been around, and Ive always had a big love for the hairstyle.

Whether your walking down the catwalk or just doing a spot of shopping they are good for any occasion. 
They are sleek and cute, and really easy to do.

What you need:
- Bobby pins
-Hair tie
-Hair Spray

and your done!

So maybe try out a TOP KNOT today they are fabulous!!


Promise said...

I love them as well, their so chic, wish I could do that with my hair...x

Missy said...

top knot looks cute put I don't think it fits everyones face (like mine).
I love your blog.
Check my out

Lolade said...

look top buns/knots
i have short hair now :(
so cant really do this